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We have created an order management application for a restaurant



Vas Manci is a Mediterranean fusion food restaurant opened in 2017. One of its biggest strengths is that the foods are not just tasty but nice too. The place has a unique atmosphere with borrowing an art deco style.

Story & Challenge

We've got in touch in the spring of 2018. At this time the restaurant had been getting popular so they needed a website as the next step of their presence which can highlight their strengths.


Features & prototype

The most important is to be able to print a stylish receipt. This requires to log the orders into an order management system. We designed a UI prototype to ensure we are on the same page.

Optimize usability

The prototype provided a fast development process. After the first delivery, we had a few iterations to optimize. The restaurant has 200+ offered food but finally, we find the fastest way to reach.

The Project right now


We provide technical support to continuously develop the website and the application.


We are planning to implement further features like splitting orders, integrating with payment gateways and a mobile application to take orders more easily. We are also planning to manage the stock of the restaurant materials.

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